Impact X Blog: AdeptiCon 2019 Reflection (LJ Pena)

Adepticon 2019 was the first High Command Invitational, which was the only way to get invited to the first Star Wars: Legion World Championship. Worlds will be held in June, and myself and Nick Freeman will both be in attendance. 3 Imperial players and 5 Rebels players moved on to Worlds, so we’ll see if they all play the same factions in Minnesota!

AdeptiCon was a huge success, and an enjoyable follow-up to the Last Vegas Open. This was the first major this year I have been able to play in, so I knew I had to make every die roll count. My goal for the weekend was to make it into High Command, and I barely did, taking the last spot based on Strength of Schedule. My only LCQ loss was to Chris Cook, and because he went 4-0 I was able to overcome the other 3-1’s and sneak into High Command. To just barely squeak into High Command didn’t really make me confident going into the second day of play, but my overall results proved that did not really matter!

Before I start talking about how things went, big thanks to Brendon Franz for running the event, and Hank Edley for letting us run the show!

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