Impact X: Corner Case: Slingshot


Slingshotting is the tactic of using coherency placement to throw your unit out ahead of your unit leader to get a shot you otherwise would not be able to take. Slingshotting is a key tactic with certain units or under certain circumstances to catch your opponent unaware. Knowing when and how to slingshot can often get you an unlikely shot in an otherwise impossible situation.

The premise and execution is pretty easy, the trick is identifying when to take the risk and slingshot. The core of slingshotting units is knowing your positioning and what the risk and reward are of throwing your troops forward.

Relevant Rules:

version 1.3.0


COHESION: Each non-leader miniature in a unit must be in cohesion with its unit leader. • After a unit leader moves, is deployed to the battlefield, or is displaced on the battlefield, each other mini in that unit must be placed in cohesion with that unit leader. • A mini is in cohesion with its unit leader if the distance between a mini and its unit leader is equal to or less than the length of the speed-1 movement tool. If the base of a unit leader is touching one end of the speed-1 movement tool, and the base of a different mini in that unit is touching the other end of the speed-1 movement tool, those minis are at the maximum distance of cohesion.

LINE OF SIGHT: Line of sight is used to determine if one mini can see another mini. A player determines line of sight from the perspective of a mini, using a viewpoint where the center of the mini’s base meets the top of the mini’s sculpt. If a player can see part of an opponent’s mini, which includes that mini’s base, from that viewpoint, that player’s mini has line of sight to that opponent’s mini. • If a mini does not have line of sight to another mini, line of sight is blocked. Pieces of terrain and vehicles can block line of sight. Trooper minis do not block line of sight. When determining line of sight, if a player cannot see a mini because it is concealed by one or more troopers on the battlefield, and that player could otherwise see the mini, that player’s mini has line of sight to the mini that is concealed by one or more troopers. • During an attack, each mini in the attacker can contribute dice to the attack pool if that mini has line of sight to any mini in the defender.

WOUNDS: During an attack, if line of sight to a mini in the defender is blocked from all minis in the attacker, that mini in the defender cannot suffer wounds.

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