NTMTO: AdeptiCon High Command – Top 8 Lists

The much anticipated AdeptiCon came, and boy, what a loaded weekend.  We got Clones, we got droids, we got rolly bois… we got General Grievous and his cape (or not… your call!).  We also had two highly competitive Star Wars: Legion tournaments, in the Last Chance Qualifier and the High Command Invitational.

I will hit both of these in detail once the data has been parsed, and write more about my experience generally.  However, I know the masses are always clamoring for the lists, so I wanted to briefly present the top 8 from High Command.  Each of these gents won an invite to the first ever Legion Worlds at FFG Headquarters in Minnesota.

I also wanted to plug the High Command stream, which I would encourage watching if you have time.  Most of these gents were featured (sometimes multiple times) over the course of the day: High Command vod

Presented with minimal commentary.  I’m sure our friends at Impact X will get commentary from the owners of said lists and go deeper into the strategy behind them as per usual.

I was actually sort of impressed with the relative variety, compared to the LVO lists.  There are certainly some common themes (5-6 corps, snipers.. mostly), but you can see more of each player’s personal style coming out in these lists.

Continue reading after the jump: https://swlegionodds.com/2019/04/09/adepticon-high-command-top-8-lists/

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