The Fifth Trooper – Legion 101 – Learning to Count in Star Wars: Legion

Star Wars Legion Counting

Learning to Count In Star Wars: Legion

One of the largest goals of Legion 101 is to help new players understand the fundamentals of “good Legion play.” I put “good” in quotations here because it’s a catch-all term for a set of ideas about how the play the game that, random factors willing, produce a positive result.

The number one way to begin to improve is becoming more deliberate about the way the game is played. These articles are written in the hopes of taking some portion of one’s Star Wars: Legion play off autopilot. How many times have certain game states caught me unaware, and victory slipped from my grasp?

So, that said, what does the title phrase “learning to count” actually mean? There are multiple parts of the game where pausing for a moment to gather some data about the board state will help you make better decisions. That’s a complicated way of saying that counting up certain aspects of the board will make you more aware of your win condition, and can guide you towards the next best move.

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