Dates and Locations for the Star Wars: Legion Prime Championships

“In my book, experience outranks everything.”
   –Captain Rex, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Welcome, Star Wars™: Legion players! Today, we are excited to share dates and locations for the upcoming season of Prime Championships! Gather your troops and get ready to deploy!

Previously known as Rally Point Qualifiers, Prime Championships are open events that draw in players from all over to compete, forming a central part of the Organized Play path that leads to the Star Wars: Legion World Championship. At these exciting events, you can enjoy all of the action on the battlefield with other talented players who share your passion for the game! As you face off against skilled commanders of various factions, you’ll be engaging formidable armies while meeting new people and possibly even forming new friendships in your area.

But be warned, your enemy will try to outwit and overwhelm you at every step. Only an experienced commander who can make sound decisions during crucial moments will emerge victorious! Prove to your forces on the ground that you deserve your position of power and show the enemy that you have what it takes to overcome all odds and become a Star Wars: Legion Prime Champion!

Secure the Objective

As you contend with rival commanders, you can win a number of unique prizes, including extended art cards, spot gloss cards, order tokens, and victory tokens. The Prime Champion will also win a deluxe box with foam trays, featuring artwork of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, as well as an invitation to the next Star Wars: Legion World Championship! These prizes were recently highlighted in an article, but if you missed it or you simply need a reminder of what you’re fighting for, click on this Star Wars: Legion image to check out all of the prizes.

Below, you will find a list of dates and locations for the upcoming season of Prime Championships. Find an event near you and make your plans to attend today! Be sure to check back for more events as we update this list! For specific event details, please contact the event location directly. Retailers, if your information is listed incorrectly, please send the corrected information to [email protected] and we will update it.

Updated: October 1, 2019

United States

Date Store City State
November 16, 2019 Dreamers Vault Games Champlin Minnesota
November 16, 2019​ Blakfyre Games Pleasant Grove Utah
November 16, 2019​ All About Games Boise Idaho
November 23, 2019​ Great Escape Games Sacramento California
December 7, 2019 Gameology Upland California
December 14, 2019​ Battlegrounds Game Center Ravenna Ohio
December 14, 2019​ Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy Houston Texas
December 14, 2019​ At Ease Games San Diego California
December 21, 2019​ Game Kastle Sacramento California
January 4, 2020 Tower of Games Virginia Beach Virginia
January 4, 2020​ Serenity Games Seminole Flordia
January 4, 2020​ Games U Gilbert Arizona
January 11, 2020​ Just Games Rochester New York
January 11, 2020​​ Snake Eyes Gaming Altoona Pennsylvania
January 11, 2020​​ GameStorm Gaming Lemont Illinois
January 11, 2020​​ Sci-Fi City Knoxville Tennessee
January 11, 2020​​ Little Big Wars Fargo North Dakota
January 11, 2020​​ Total Escape Games Broomfield Colorado
January 11, 2020​​ Game Kastle Mountain View California
January 18, 2020​​ Huzzah Hobbies Ashburn Virginia
January 18, 2020​​ Game Theory Raleigh North Carolina
February 1, 2020 Millennium Games Rochester New York
February 1, 2020​ TableTop Game & Hobby Overland Park Kansas
February 1, 2020​​ The Game Shoppe Bellevue Nebraska
February 8, 2020​ Relentless Dragon Londonberry New Hampshire
February 8, 2020​​ Atomic Games Muncie Indiana
February 8, 2020​​ Hard Knox Games Elizabethtown Kentucky
February 8, 2020​​ Giga-Bites Tabletop Cafe Marietta Georgia
February 8, 2020​​ Misty Mountain Games Madison Wisconsin
February 8, 2020​​ The Realm Games & Comics Brea California
February 15, 2020​​ Critical Hit Games St. Petersburg Florida
February 15, 2020​​​ Board Game Barrister Greenfield Wisconsin
February 15, 2020​​​ Beyond the Dungeon Comcs and Games Spring Texas
February 15, 2020​​​ Uncle’s Games Spokane Washington
February 22, 2020​​​ Brothers Grim Games & Collectibles Selden New York
February 22, 2020​​​​ Dicehead Games & Comics Cleveland Tennessee
February 22, 2020​​​​ Fantasy Flight Games Center Roseville Minnesota
February 22, 2020​​​​ Chaos, Games and More Pueblo Colorado
February 29, 2020​​​​ Battlegrounds Midlothian Virginia
February 29, 2020​​​​​ The Gift of Games Grayslake Illinois
February 29, 2020​​​​​ The Game Shoppe Omaha Nebraska


Date Store City Country
TBA Siren Games Wien Austria
November 30, 2019 Flints Hobbies and Games Kitchener, ON Canada
December 7, 2019 The Sentry Box Calgary, AB Canada​
January 18, 2020 Zakeda Longueuil, QC Canada​
February 1, 2020 Magic Stronghold Games Vancouver, BC Canada​
February 1, 2020​ Imaginaire Quebec, QC Canada​
February 15, 2020​ The Hooded Goblin Georgetown, ON Canada​
February 22, 2020​ A Muse N Games Winnipeg, MB Canada​
February 29, 2020 Battle Bear Kaiserslautern Germany
TBA Battlefield Berlin Germany​
TBA​ Fischkrieg Siegen Germany​
TBA​ Highlander Games Bremen Germany​
TBA​ Modellbahn Harald Schiffer Minden Germany​
TBA​ Tellurian Games Dortmund Germany​
TBA​ Ultra Comix Nürnberg Germany​
October 12, 2019 Goblin Trader Norte Madrid Spain
October 26, 2019​ Goblin Trader Barcelona Spain​
November 17, 2019 Empire Games Sevilla Spain​
November 30, 2019​ Drobbit Store Barcelona Spain​
December 7, 2019 Goblin Trader Valencia Spain​
January 18, 2020 Ludus Belli Mostoles (Madrid) Spain​
January 26, 2020​ Tienda Scum Barcelona Spain​
February 23, 2020 Santa Ana Friki Cartagena (Murcia) Spain​
November 9, 2019 Common Ground Games Stirling United Kingdom​
November 23, 2019 Kirton Games Crediton United Kingdom​
January 18, 2020 Leodis Games Leeds United Kingdom
February 8, 2020 Red Dice Games Edinburgh United Kingdom​
February 23, 2020 Beanie Games Stockton-on-Tees United Kingdom​
TBA Chaos Cards Folkestone United Kingdom​
TBA Dice Saloon Brighton United Kingdom​
TBA Wargames Workshop Milton Keynes United Kingdom​

Survey the Battlefield

Don’t miss out on these one-of-a-kind Star Wars: Legion events! Start making your plans now to attend a Prime Championship! Check this page regularly as we will continue to update this list with more events from around the world. We can’t wait to see how these action-packed Star Wars: Legion battles unfold during this upcoming season of Prime Championships!

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