Tabletop Simulator On Sale!

If you’ve been looking to get games in of Star Wars Legion from the safety of your own couch now’s your chance via Tabletop Simulator.

Tabletop Simulator is currently 50% off its regular price of $19.99 on Stream.

They also have a Tabletop Simulator 4-Pack on sale as well. Regular $59.99, sale price $29.99.

So grab a few copies for your buddies, or gal pals, or if you forgot to grab your significant other a Christmas gift what’s better than a digital code to a board game simulator?

Grab a copy or four after the jump:

Tabletop Simulator On Sale – UPDATE

If you’re like me, cheap, you’ve been waiting for Tabletop Simulator to go on sale.

That time is now!

Until next Sunday (Oct 21st) you can grab your copy of Tabletop Simulator on Humble Bundle for only $9.99 (regular $19.99).

And in case you didn’t know Tabletop Simulator has a Star Wars: Legion mod and a thriving community called Invader Legion.

Image result for invader league star wars legion

Buy here: Tabletop Simulator
Join here: Invader League

UPDATE: Originally in this post I stated that Tabletop Simulator was on sale via Steam. I have updated this article as it is actually on sale via Humble Bumble.