Organized Play Update, Feb. 4, 2021

Hello, Star Wars Miniatures players.

Last year was…unusual, to say the least. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone’s lives, and unfortunately we are not out of the woods just yet. It’s going to take a bit more time and a lot more patience before we get through this episode of history, which brings us to our announcement today.

We at Atomic Mass Games believe that our first priority is the health and safety of our staff and community. As the vaccine is being distributed, we wish to remain extra cautious, and so we have decided to delay all Star Wars Miniatures World Championships until 2022.

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Fourth Season of the Invader League Announced

LJ Peña posted online today:

Hello There!

The Legion Discord is proud to present the fourth season of the Invader League!

The Invader League is a free Star Wars: Legion Tournament, played through the Star Wars Legion Tabletop Simulator Mod. Participants play a series of 5 Round Robin games, followed by a Single Elimination bracket for the top two players from each group. The games are on pre-determined maps, with Battle Cards chosen by the players before each match. All games are at the 800 point value, and armies features current content, as well as unreleased units. Each Invader League season takes about two months to complete. Prizes are given to the top players, which are generously donated by Legion Community Members.

Details are just about locked in place as we approach registration. Please watch the Invader League website and Legion Discord for further updates. We look forward to an exciting season!

(Note: You must be a member of the discord to participate – you can find the link to it here!


The Fifth Trooper Podcast: Ep 13 – Congratulations. You are being rescued.

Star Wars Legion Podcast - The Fifth Trooper header image 1

On this episode we have on LJ Peña/Talk Polite  from Impact X and we talk LVO, Invader League, Star Wars Legion Rules Reference and New Units.

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Invader League – Round Robin Wrap & Eliminations Preview

Part 1 of Invader League Season 2 is in the books!  That means the Round Robin is over, and we’ve gone from 60 down to 24 players.  Now the fun bit starts: Single Eliminations.

Single Eliminations is a bracket-style elimination.  Players are seeded based on their record from Round Robin and VPs scored.  The top 8 players, all of whom swept their respective divisions, get byes in the first week.  The bracket can be found here: Single Elim Bracket

Players are required to submit a list in advance, which they must use throughout elims.  Don’t worry, we will look at these lists.  First, lets hit some quick stats from the Round Robin stages, and also look at some survey results from Round Robin.

Read the rest of the preview after the jump: [ Invader League – Round Robin Wrap and Eliminations Preview

Tabletop Simulator On Sale – UPDATE

If you’re like me, cheap, you’ve been waiting for Tabletop Simulator to go on sale.

That time is now!

Until next Sunday (Oct 21st) you can grab your copy of Tabletop Simulator on Humble Bundle for only $9.99 (regular $19.99).

And in case you didn’t know Tabletop Simulator has a Star Wars: Legion mod and a thriving community called Invader Legion.

Image result for invader league star wars legion

Buy here: Tabletop Simulator
Join here: Invader League

UPDATE: Originally in this post I stated that Tabletop Simulator was on sale via Steam. I have updated this article as it is actually on sale via Humble Bumble.