Imperial Discipline Blog: A Legion Competitive Primer (and Las Vegas Open Preview)

UPDATE 1/31/19: Two days after I posted this article, predictably, FFG released a massive update to their OP structure, despite a rep from Asmodee affirming the validity of the image guide over the weekend. Basically the first half of this article is now obsolete. But the LVO stuff is still good. Enjoy.

A Guide to Legion Organized Play

As we approach Legion’s first birthday here in just a few short months, more and more players will be feeling confident and comfortable enough to try their hand at Legion’s competitive scene, otherwise known in FFG-ese as “Organized Play.”

And while FFG has written a few articles laying out exactly how they want Legion’s competitive side to look, the complete structure and process by which a spunky farmboy from some backwater planet can from from their local meta to WORLD CHAMPION can still be a little confusing.

So first, we’ll lay out exactly what it takes to go from zero to hero through visual and written explanations. Then, we’ll take a look at what you can expect from a high quality Legion tournament with a primer for the upcoming Las Vegas Open.

Continue reading after the jump: A Legion Competitive Primer (and Las Vegas Open Preview)

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