Las Vegas Open Critical Update and Waiting List

Going to the Las Vegas Open Legion Tournament (LVO)? Lj Peña recently posted the following on the LOV Facebook page:


We have one last CRITICAL update to share with you.

The Tournament Organizer and Marshall have decided to release the following Tournament Regulations Addendum. This addendum is designed to enhance the Legion Organized Play document, and explain the duties and responsibilities of judging during LVO. It will also cover penalties, and FAQ questions that have not been covered by the RRG or the Legion Rules Thread.

The document was built using the LVO weekend guidelines, so you’ll find it very close to the expectations of the other Vegas events. Please use this, in conjunction with the SW:Legion RRG, Rules Thread, and OP document to have a successful and enjoyable tournament on the 8th! As with our other major updates, we recommend you tag other LVO Legion players so they see this as well.

See you soon! #lvolegion”

Not going to LVO but want to? Here is a link to the waiting list:

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