Impact X Blog: LVO 2019 Wrap-Up

LVO 2019 is wrapped. It was by far the largest SW: Legion event to date by nearly 300% and on top of that it had the best tables and best prize support out of any of them. I think everyone will tell you the same and I think we have set a good benchmark of what the community can do and what the game can be. Plenty of other people will tell you about the event logistics so I won’t cover them too much except to say that LJ did a fantastic job and this wouldn’t have been possible without him. 

The event also collected a lot of data which Orkimedes will be analyzing to give us a macro look at the meta which I am really excited about, and I will post the top lists to the list section for micro analysis too. In this post I want to talk more about my personal experience and what I think about the state of the game at the moment. 

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