And Then Dice Happened Blog: Get Your Motor Runnin’


I’ve done my back in moving classrooms and so my progress has been somewhat slowed. I have three separate projects on the go that I am chipping away at in the short periods I can sit at the table and I should have them finished over the next couple of days.

The first to get done is the last of the Imperials from Legion. Obviously, like everyone else my age, I loved the speeder bikes from Return of the Jedi so doing these was great fun. It also meant that I couldn’t bring myself to go with the black gloss base of the other imperial troops – they had to have an Endor forest floor base.
The armour was done with the same recipe as the stormtroopers but I couldn’t take as much care over the black under suit due to pain. They’re neat enough for the moment and I can go back and add a highlight when I’m feeling better.
One thing I did do was to think about the base markings. In legion the arcs of fire are marked on the base. Here I added a tuft at each of the points to allow you to still see the arcs without any ugly lines.
Next up is a present for the Eldest and then a present for the Youngest.

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