Impact X Blog: Mounted Heroes

enfys-nestIn Star Wars we often see heroes mounted atop personal vehicles or creatures. The following optional rules are designed to allow players to create mounted heroes while playing in a Gathering Legions games.

Mounted Hero Rules

There are two types of heroes on vehicles – mounted heroes and dragoon heroes. In most regards they are the same and will universally be referred to as mounted heroes while they are on a mount – dragoon heroes however have a second unit card, second model, and have the ability to dismount.

When playing with the mounted optional rules you can create a mounted hero by spending one experience point to add one of the mounted profiles below to an existing heroic commander or operative. This can be done at character creation or after.

While dismounted heroes follow all of the normal rules for troopers and the abilities on their unit card. While mounted heroes follow all the normal rules for their mount type with the following exceptions – Mounted heroes have both a courage and a resilience value, and they gain suppression as normal but cannot become suppressed or panicked while mounted. Mounted commanders still share their courage value normally. When a permanently mounted hero reaches a number of wounds equal to their resilience they roll on the vehicle damaged chart as normal (even for creature mounts). When a dragoon hero reaches a number of wounds equal to their resilience they are automatically dismounted, roll a number of white defense dice equal to their mounts speed, and receive an additional wound for each block or surge. Dragoon heroes may chose to dismount voluntarily by spending an action to dismount and do not roll dice to do so.

Whether voluntary or forced the dismount rules generally follow the disembark rules with the following exceptions-

  • when dismounting place the trooper model in base contact with mount model and then perform a speed one move with it. After the dismount is completed remove the mount from the table.
  • if the mount moved more than once this turn the trooper cannot trigger abilities or perform any additional actions or free actions after dismounting.
  • When a unit dismounts, any tokens that unit has are moved to the trooper model, that unit still has those tokens.
  • A unit that is dismounting cannot move into base contact with any enemy units while performing the speed 1 move.
  • Any abilities that trigger after a unit performs a move trigger after a unit embarks or disembarks, if able.
  • Any abilities that trigger after a unit performs a move action trigger after a unit performs a move action to embark or disembark, if able

While mounted a hero has access to all the weapons on both their mounted and dismounted unit cards. While mounted heroes also have access to all keywords on their dismounted unit card except those related to mobility (Jump, Unhindered, Expert Climber, etc.) unless their mount also has it. While mounted a unit uses its unmounted unit card’s surge conversions and defense die profiles.

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