Impact X Blog: Mounted Heroes

enfys-nestIn Star Wars we often see heroes mounted atop personal vehicles or creatures. The following optional rules are designed to allow players to create mounted heroes while playing in a Gathering Legions games.

Mounted Hero Rules

There are two types of heroes on vehicles – mounted heroes and dragoon heroes. In most regards they are the same and will universally be referred to as mounted heroes while they are on a mount – dragoon heroes however have a second unit card, second model, and have the ability to dismount.

When playing with the mounted optional rules you can create a mounted hero by spending one experience point to add one of the mounted profiles below to an existing heroic commander or operative. This can be done at character creation or after. Continue reading →

Impact X: Occupation of the Holy City Gathering Legions Campaign – Season 1

This story occurs during the occupation of the Holy City. It centers around the insurgents that rise up to reclaim it and preserve its historic and religious importance before it is completely stripped and desecrated by the occupying forces.

This campaign season is designed to introduce players to the fundamentals of campaign play using a map with the Gathering Legions rule set.

Although this story is very loosely based on the events of Jedha City, it could easily be transposed to any city with a history of force users and temples. Feel free to make it your own and create any environment you’d like that better suites your available terrain or the heroes you’d like to create.

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Impact X: Gathering Legions Map Based Campaign Play

Nicholas Freeman recently developed and released the very exciting Gathering Legions Campaign Mode which he describes as below:

Gathering Legions is an alternative campaign mode for Star Wars: Legion that includes character building, growth, and narrative mission play.

Today he released the Map Based Campaign Play.

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