Imperial Discipline: FFG Live – POINTS CHANGES & ERRATA Recap (9/3/19)

Thank you, Kevin for the great write up.

On today’s (September 3rd, 2019) FFG Live stream, Legion developers Alex Davy and Luke Eddy were joined by Matt Holland (FFG OP) to showcase the new Luke and Vader operatives as well as talk points changes and errata updates in the near future. A VOD of the stream can be found at the above link.

The FFG team is “not overhauling things rapidly,” but making more of a “surgical strike” according to Alex and Luke. These were based on data from tournaments and “extensive playtesting.”

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Key Positions has been Errataed!

To everyone’s glee, when FFG dropped the latest Rules Reference it included a long needed errata to Key Positions.

Here is how the card now works:

Key Positions (pg. 60) has received a much-needed change. Previously, the Blue Player had a decisive advantage with the ability to place two objective tokens to Red Player’s one. Now, the first objective token is placed on the center-most piece of terrain, and each player gets to place one additional token. Say goodbye to that horrible bidding war.


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