Impact X Blog: Corner Case: Kiting

Nicholas Freeman January 29, 2019


Kiting is the tactic of keeping distance between the attacking unit and the defending unit so that you can get extra activations and an attrition advantage before the opposing unit is able to attack optimally – so called because in most instances you will have one unit running and another unit following behind them like a kite. Kiting is a key tactic leveraging range or speed advantages over your opponent to maximize your longevity while still whittling down your opponent. Knowing how to kite or how to avoid it can often be a deciding factor in the attrition war.

The premise is pretty easy, and the actual execution isn’t too difficult either. The core of kiting is to reduce the targets optimal actions by allocating suppression or keeping distance to maintain an activation or damage advantage.

Relevant Rules:

version 1.2.0


• Range is measured in 6″ increments 

• Speed 1 is just short of 3″ plus base size

• Speed 2 is just short of 5″ plus base size

• Speed 3 is just short of 7″ plus base size

• Small base is 27mm or 1.06″

• Medium base is 50mm or 1.96″

• Large base is 70mm or 2.75″

• Huge base is 100mm or 3.9″

• Small base moving speed 2 is just short of 1 range band

Courage: If a trooper unit ever has a number of suppression tokens assigned to it that is equal to or greater than that unit’s courage value, that unit is suppressed.

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