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A short while ago, Fantasy Flight Games announced the Director Orson Krennic expainson for Star Wars Legion, the main bad guy from Rogue One. 

Now we have just been given a better look at the character made famous by Ben Mendelssohn in the movie, and hes a pretty nasty piece of work too!

Krennic in Rogue One comes across as a very slimy character who has worked his way up through the ranks of the Empire and thinks that he is above everything and everyone, that is until he tries to take on Darth Vader and gets taken down a huge amount.


The character seems very cunning and that seems to show in the game version of Krennic, with his cards showing him with the stat on his card and also Compel which is ideal if you take him with a couple of units of Death Troopers (which should be previewed this week sometime).

In fact forget that, take him and as many units of Death Troopers as you can get your Imperial hands on as he will be quite formidable and a worthy fight against say Luke or Leia. And at 90 points hes pretty much a steal!

I think that his Annotation Looms card is really going to pay dividends as it puts suppression tokens or units and if it is turn 5 or 6 puts them on individuals in each unit, meaning that you could have five suppression tokens on a unit in turn 5 as they struggle to keep from panicking over their impending doom!

The Director Orson Krennic Expansion is due out soon and is on pre-order from Fantasy Flight Games right now.  Gamers Web recommends for great value and up to 25% discount on retail prices!


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