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A short while ago, Fantasy Flight Games announced the Director Orson Krennic expainson for Star Wars Legion, the main bad guy from Rogue One. 

Now we have just been given a better look at the character made famous by Ben Mendelssohn in the movie, and hes a pretty nasty piece of work too!

Krennic in Rogue One comes across as a very slimy character who has worked his way up through the ranks of the Empire and thinks that he is above everything and everyone, that is until he tries to take on Darth Vader and gets taken down a huge amount.
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Gamers Web: Loyal to the bitter end! Royal Guard previewed for Star Wars: Legion

Let’s face it the Stormtroopers from Star Wars have an iconic look to them.  In fact when I was 13 years old when Star Wars was released (just Star Wars then no New Hope logo for added measure!), I could have sworn that I had seen the Stormtroopers before.  Of course I hadn’t and well I had as their iconic armour I would later find was lifted throughout periods of history, including samurai!

I leave school and start work but still continue to love Star Wars very much and then Return of the Jedi comes along and the one thing I remember when sitting in the cinema with my ex girlfriend and her then 10 year old brother Mark was how cool the Emperors Royal Guard looked, and over 35 years later they still remain one of the best looking units in science fiction in general!

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